Q: What is a Blush Bombshell Makeover? 

A: A Bombshell Makeover is where our award winning stylists and make up artists evaluate your hair, eye color, skin tone and face shape to determine the best possible look to turn you into a bombshell! We collaborate on a complete look, including multi dimensional hair color, designed cut, full make up application, and ending with a glamorous mini headshot photoshoot! This is a favorite service for anyone wanting a new look.

You are responsible for bringing your own outfit, unless it is a sponsored event. If its a Bombshell sponsored event, Usually Wardrobe and or Jewelry is provided as well. Sign up for Blush VIP to get more info when we hold events!

You get 4-6 digital headshots from your Makeover, Photographers choice! If you want a full photoshoot ask for an upgrade to a Photography package!  

Q: How Much does a Bombshell Makeover cost? 

A: The Blush Bombshell makeover is a full package, including multi dimensional hair colors, cut, full makeup, & headshots photoshoot in our studio. It is a discounted package, so you can get a complete full makeover for $350!!

This is a perfect package for everyone who wants a total change, a whole new look, or to have photos to show off their NEW total transformation!

Q: Do you do free consultations? 

A: Yes! We're always happy to answer any questions you might have to help provide you with the best experience possible. 

Q: Do you provide on location services? 

A: Of course! Our Salon Blush team can come to wherever you need us to be for hair, make up and photography services. We travel a lot for weddings in PA NJ DE MD.  

Below are answers to some common questions we get from our boudoir/pin-up photography clients

Q: Why Choose Blush Photography? 

A: Blush is an award-winning studio with 10+ years’ experience photographing beautiful women. We understand what women want, so we know how to make you look and feel amazing and able to see yourself in a whole new way! We are real women who photograph real women, so we understand every-day insecurities, because we have them too. We cater to every shape, size, age, and background. We go over posing, lighting, expressions, and wardrobe so we can capture the perfect photos that you will fall in love with. 

Q: What should I expect during my session? 

A: First we talk about the style of photographs we want to capture. We then whisk you away to one of our award-winning stylists and makeup artists to give you a glamorous transformation. Once hair and makeup are done, we take you into our studio and show you around to look at all of our sets and props, have a glass of wine, and relax. After we see your wardrobe, we visually pull everything together to combine sets and wardrobe. We then start to shoot! We instruct and pose you to get the perfect glamorous photos! 

Q: Where does the session take place? 

A: We have a fully-staffed, three-story business. Our salon is on the 1st floor, and the photo studio is on the 3rd floor. All the magic happens in one building, fully stocked with sets, props, and lighting.

Q: When do I see my photos? 

A: Within 2 weeks we will call you, or send an email with your personal online photo link. You look over your photographs and choose your photos in the comfort of your own home. Once you decide on your favorites, let us know and we will start working on them. 

Q: Do you retouch the photographs? 

A: Yes! We touch up every photograph to look worthy of a high-quality magazine. We adjust lighting, remove blemishes, smooth skin, etc. We would never change who you are, what you look like, or your size. Our purpose is to show off your inner and outer beauty, rather than change you into someone else.


Q: I’m curvier than I’d like- does that matter? 

A: We love curves! At Blush we celebrate curves and love showing them off. We know how to pose all shapes of women to hide some areas that we are naturally concerned about. We are women too- we get it! 

Q: What if I feel nervous? 

A: It’s completely normal to feel that way. Remember that you deserve a photo shoot that makes you feel sexy, powerful, and confident. Let your photographer know which areas you love and want to show off, as well as what look(s) you want to portray. We love working with you to bring out your inner bombshell! 

Q: What should I wear to the shoot? 

A: We suggest you look at our previous photoshoots or do a search for boudoir photos. Lingerie catalogs can also be helpful. Find some ideas you love, then try and find similar styles. You can always call us for some suggestions on where to shop. Always dress for your body shape to achieve the best photographs. If your wardrobe is too small, too tight, too big, or in any way unflattering, it will show in the photographs. Find outfits that flatter your body. We suggest you bring many options for your shoot to ensure that you are fully prepared; you can always take back what you don’t wear! 

Q: What should I bring to a shoot? 

A: Bring several outfit options, any props you want, and even sample magazine or website images that embody the look you desire. We’ll work with you to find the clothes, jewelry, makeup, and props that make you feel and look fabulous. 

Q: Should I bring a friend? 

A: If you wish, you can bring a friend for support. We do ask that they stay out of the studio while we actually photograph, because it often makes people more self-conscious. Additional people in the room can also be awkward, because they can get in the way of lights, stands, and props. However, you should definitely bring anyone who is going to be in the photo with you.  

Q: Are hair and makeup included? 

A: Yes! All shoots include hair and makeup from some of our award-winning staff. We love adding glamour to every session. 

Q: How long will the session take? 

A: That depends on the package you select, but sessions typically last 2-4 hours. 1 hour for hair and makeup and 2-3 hours for dressing, set changes, and photographing.

Q: Do you offer discounts for groups? 

A: Yes! We offer fun, reasonable options for bachelorette and birthday parties or just a day out with friends. You can bring food, drinks, and props. We love having Pinup Parties and Boudoir Parties at Blush! These start at $200 per person! 

Q: How should I prepare my skin or brows for the shoot? Should I wear makeup? 

A: To help your skin look its best, exfoliate and moisturize your entire body. Or better yet, treat yourself to one of our signature spa treatments. Avoid oils, tanning lotions, Vaseline, or anything greasy (it doesn’t work on camera). Tan lines are very hard to airbrush out of photos so try to keep your skin natural before the shoot. If you groom your eyebrows or other areas, plan to do so a few days before the shoot to avoid any puffiness or redness. Please don’t wear makeup to the shoot. A clean face is the best foundation for photography makeup.  

Q: Do you have any additional suggestions? 

A: 1) Have manicured nails! Sometimes we forget the small things, but in many photos we use your hands as focal points on the face, chest, lips, etc. Wouldn’t you love a gorgeous set of nails in a photo versus chipped or cracked nails?
2) Go braless! On the day of the shoot, we suggest wearing loose-fitting clothing to avoid restriction lines from socks, bras, underwear, and bracelets. These are hard to edit out.
3) Get a great night’s sleep! The best thing to do is drink a lot of water and sleep well the night before your shoot. Your skin will glow, your eyes will be perky and bright, and you’ll have tons of energy which will shine through in your photographs.
4) Most importantly HAVE FUN!