We LOVE Glamorous weddings!

Posted February 2, 2016

We absolutely LOVE doing neighborhood weddings, there is something special about knowing almost everyone in the wedding party. Even if you dont know all of them personally, you know of them or their family. Its part of the “Tri-Neighborhood” charm. Today Samantha was getting married, her and her entire bridal party are Gorgeous!!!! How is someone born with those eyes? come on! So we had so much fun giving these babes some glamorous looks! We think they look incredible! How lucky are we?

We do so many travel weddings through PA. NJ. DE but always enjoy a classic in Salon wedding.  Congratulations to Samantha & Billy!

(Click this babes to see larger)

IMG_9822b IMG_9825b

IMG_9834b IMG_9836b\

IMG_9846b IMG_9839b

IMG_9849b IMG_9843b

IMG_9858b IMG_9855b

IMG_9857b IMG_9829b