NEW TREND! Oil slick hair

Posted February 2, 2016

We’ve noticed a new trend among stylists, Oil slick hair! Most artists find inspiration in everyday things. Its not surprising to try to mimic a blackened rainbow iridescent hue! At Blush we dive in any chance we can to try something fun , and I think we nailed it!

You can do variations of “Oil slick”hair, doing brights colors, black hair with hints of rainbows peeking through, dark bases with vivids through out. Your hair should be wearable art! Not ready for full on color hair? Let us use color sheens over dark brown or black hair for hints of color every time light hits it. Whos os ready for some oil slick hair?



DSC_2465b DSC_2466b

(Above Photo: Hair by Blush stylist Jennalyn)

DSC_2477b DSC_2478b

(Photo above: Hair by Blush stylist Erica)


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