Woman wearing makeup

Alanna has created her very own line of makeup called Blush Cosmetics. Her line consists of completely customizable products. Her fully-stocked line includes lipstick, lip gloss, gel liner, foundation, and eyeshadow. All products are made on-site with top-of-the-line ingredients. Salon Blush is the only salon in Philly with a line of makeup that can be customized while you wait!

Whether you need anti-aging serum or acne medication added to your foundation, Alanna can do it! She creates custom tints and will even adjust your foundation according to the season for free. She can make lipstick of any color in ten minutes. Visit the online store to order customized makeup or pick it out at the Salon.

Alanna also has a line of natural and organic skincare called Blush Apothecary. Alanna’s mantra when it comes to skincare is “not every skin is the same so why should your products be?” Blush Apothecary includes moisturizers, creams, serums, toners, face wash, and masks, all custom-made according to what your skin needs to look its healthiest.