What a Beautiful day for a wedding!

Posted August 11, 2015


What a Beautiful day for a wedding!

Alanna, Camille, & Mindy had the honor of doing Kristen’s wedding hair & makeup today! She is cute as a button, with vintage flair! Much like her wedding, she wanted classic soft vintage touches. We packed our gear and headed to the Collegeville Marriot where the the beautiful wedding party was getting ready and the the venue was close by The Barn on Bridge ! We’ve been to this location a few times before for weddings, so we are always happy heading out for on location weddings!

The whole wedding party had us laughing the whole time, we had such a blast! They were friendly, fun, and were all gorgeous! Since we didnt know Kristen previously we asked, how did she hear about us? She said she did a search for “Best Salons in Philadelphia” We were ecstatic to hear that, We absolutely LOVE what we do! We love weddings so much we always travel all over for them!

Kristen is adorable, and fun! She asked for soft vintage waves, and showed me a picture of makeup she liked from our makeup portfolio. We gave her smoked out eyes with classic neutral colors, and enhanced her green eye color with eggplant to make the eyes POP! 

Finished with a flawless airbrush application and pink nude lipstick “True Love”, How fitting!



The rest of the Bridal party was just as gorgeous! Each bridesmaid wanted something different, but soft and not “overdone” was the request. We take into consideration Eye color, face shape, skin tone, hair color etc. To enhance the features we have some tricks up our sleeves! The hair was very loose, curls, waves, braids, very soft touches.

We loved working with such an awesome group,  we are hoping to these gorgeous faces in for a Pinup Party, how fun!

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